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Go on a journey with Anyia and discover the challenges of following your dream in this great graphic novel for ages 8-12.

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Anyia’s dream of becoming a Nagoran warrior is challenged by her village’s traditional ways.

Defying her father and ignoring her duties as a Yora, she breaks tradition to follow her dream of becoming a warrior during a time when Empress Zarina threatens the magic treaty that protects her village. Have her actions broken the magic treaty?


We all resist change and Anyia’s father, the Chief, was no different.


In the tradition of the Nagoran Village, women were expected to learn the art of cooking and cleaning. But Anyia had a dream and it had nothing to do with cooking and cleaning; she wanted to be a warrior like Amoonda, a famous female warrior. 


It is for the young to learn the value of tradition and the not so young to learn the value of change. Author Jacquitta A. McManus has written a lovely book complete with a message.


- Reviewed by Anne Boling 
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