Anyia It Begins Book Cover

Anyia - It Begins (The Land of Ethonia Book 2)

by: Jacquitta A. McManus
(ISBN: 9781954015074)


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For over 14 years, Nagoran Village had been safe from Empress Zarina and her Thor Warriors. The magic treaty, although frail, had been maintained. To help maintain that treaty, Anyia’s father, the Chief, kept magic out of the village to protect them. Anyia grew up not knowing she had magic, but an earlier meeting with Amoonda changed that. With her magic awoken, she was now able to charge her battle stick, a­nd her Kail training was more intense than ever. But it all might have been for nothing. Thor Warriors captured her mother and took her to Thor City to Empress Zarina to break the magic treaty. To get her back, Anyia must go into the heart of Thor City, the place of stolen magic, and face her enemies. The cost will be high, and if she wants to succeed, she will have to give up her identity, trust a stranger, and rely on new friends.  

- with a short comic story at the end

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