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Embark on a thrilling adventure with Anyia, the brave heroine who dares to break free from tradition and explore a world beyond her village. Anyia's adventures take her on a self-discovery journey, facing dangerous enemies and discovering powerful magic. Don't miss out on this epic tale of bravery, determination, and empowerment. 

Anyia Series  | black book characters | Worlds To Discover

Anyia: Series Sampler

Are you looking for an exciting adventure series for your young reader? Look no further than Jacquitta A. McManus' "Anyia" series! In "Anyia - Dream of a Warrior," readers will follow the determined and courageous Anyia as she defies tradition to pursue her dream of becoming a warrior. But her actions will have consequences that threaten her village's safety and magical protection. Perfect for kids aged 8+, this book is full of magic, adventure, and themes of determination and community.


In the second book, "Anyia - It Begins," readers will continue to follow Anyia as she ventures into the heart of Thor City to rescue her mother from the evil Empress Zarina and her Thor Warriors. This thrilling book explores themes of identity and self-trust while introducing new enemies and challenges for Anyia to face—a must-read for young readers who love stories of bravery and magic.


Don't miss out on this captivating and empowering series!


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