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Author: Jacquitta A. McManus
Illustrator: Mariam Trejo
Formate: Paperback
Length: 33 pages
ISBN: 97
Age: 6 - 8
Genre: Fantasy Adventure


Immerse your child in the magical world of Talee Series, where unexpected surprises and thrilling adventures await! In the third book by author Jacquitta A. McManus, young readers aged 6-8 will join Talee as she unravels the mystery of a magic flower that mysteriously appears on her hand, aided by her loyal flying friend, Nola, and her best friend, Cora. With easy-to-read text and a captivating storyline, this early reader chapter book is perfect for emerging independent readers looking for an exciting and enchanting read. Don't miss out on the wonder and excitement of the Talee Series!

When Talee's uncle makes an unexpected visit to her home, she finds a stone with a flower on it. But, when the flower disappears and reappears on her hand, she finds it impossible to get it off. Follow her as she solves the mystery of the magic flower with her Cappa Nola and her best friend, Cora. 


Excellent for emerging independent readers.

Talee and the Magic Flower


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