Follow Talee's curiosity through planet Gala in

this fantasy adventure children's book for ages 4-8.

Hello everyone! My name is Talee. It’s spelled T-A-L-E-E and it is pronounced (TAH-Lee). 

I'm an eight-year-old adventurer that lives on the planet Gala, which has two moons and landmasses that float.

In my first adventure, Talee and the Fallen Object, I see something fall from a mail flyer and I must find out what it is. Come and join me on my journey!

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Talee and the Fallen Object
Early Reader Chapter Book (ages 4-8) 

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From the very first page the reader is engaged with the following… “I just came in from outside. The sun is warm. Can you feel it?” this sets the tone of the story about a chatty and curious little girl with a bit of sassiness, who lives in an extraordinary place. Author Jaquitta A. McManus, has created great balance by writing a fantasy adventure with a character who is charmingly relatable, and a planet that is equally magical.  - Booklover

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