Anyia - It Begins (Book 2)

by: Jacquitta A. McManus
(ISBN: 9781954015074)


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For over 14 years, Nagoran Village had been safe from Empress Zarina and her Thor Warriors. The magic treaty, although frail, had been maintained. To help maintain that treaty, Anyia’s father, the Chief, kept magic out of the village to protect them. Anyia grew up not knowing she had magic, but an earlier meeting with Amoonda changed that. With her magic awoken, she was now able to charge her battle stick, a­nd her Kail training was more intense than ever. But it all might have been for nothing. Thor Warriors captured her mother and took her to Thor City to Empress Zarina to break the magic treaty. To get her back, Anyia must go into the heart of Thor City, the place of stolen magic, and face her enemies. The cost will be high, and if she wants to succeed, she will have to give up her identity, trust a stranger, and rely on new friends.  

- with a short comic story at the end

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Anyia - Dream of a Warrior (Book 1)

by: Jacquitta A. McManus
(ISBN: 9780982802762)


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Growing up in Nagoran Village kept Anyia safe from Empress Zarina, Thor Warriors, and the stolen magic they used. But, being safe also meant she was kept from the outside world. Locked in a tradition that she saw no value in, she was determined to follow her dream of becoming a warrior. To do this, she will disregard the Chief's orders, her father, and venture into the forest to find Amoonda; the only female ever named a warrior. Crossing the border, she will leave the safety of the magic treaty into a place patrolled by Thor Warriors, and her actions will threaten the one thing that protects them all. 

- with a learn to draw Anyia section at the end

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Anyia - Warrior's Challenge

Short Story Comic

by: Jacquitta A. McManus


It's a friendly battle between Nagoran Warriors, but for Anyia, it's a chance to prove herself. In this short comic, Anyia will face a bigger, overconfident opponent. Will her skills be enough to win?


Sana - Last Day

by: Jacquitta A. McManus

Coming Soon!

A stand-alone tale, Sana - Last day, is the story of Sana's last day before the epic war between the Land of Ethonia and Empress Zarina of Thorian. On a day when the citizens of Ethonia went about their day not knowing how their world was about change forever. On this day, Sana will make choices that will forever affect Anyia, the Land of Ethonia, and Empress Zarina. 

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