Anyia Dream Of A Warrior Cover

Anyia: Dream of a Warrior (The Land of Ethonia Book 1)

by: Jacquitta A. McManus
(ISBN: 9780982802762)


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Growing up in Nagoran Village kept Anyia safe from Empress Zarina, Thor Warriors, and the stolen magic they used. But, being safe also meant she was kept from the outside world. Locked in a tradition that she saw no value in, she was determined to follow her dream of becoming a warrior. To do this, she will disregard the Chief's orders, her father, and venture into the forest to find Amoonda; the only female ever named a warrior. Crossing the border, she will leave the safety of the magic treaty into a place patrolled by Thor Warriors, and her actions will threaten the one thing that protects them all. 

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