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Anyia - It Begins (Book 2)


Anyia - It Begins is the continuation of Anyia's journey of becoming a warrior.  In the second book, Anyia will go into the heart of Thorian, the home of Empress Zarina, to save the one she loves, where it might cost her everything.

Anyia - Dream of a Warrior (Book 1)

Anyia, the daughter of the chief of Nagoran village, has obligations to fulfill. Tradition demands that she trains to become a Yora, which frustrates her. Her dream is to become a Nagoran warrior, so she defies tradition. Will her actions break the magic treaty that protects them all?

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Anyia - Warrior's Challenge

It's a friendly battle between Nagoran Warriors, but for Anyia, it's a chance to prove herself. In this short comic, Anyia will face a bigger, overconfident opponent. Will her skills be enough to win?

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