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Jacquitta A. McManus - Children's Book Author

Do you love getting lost in a story, meeting new friends, and traveling to new worlds through the pages of a book?

Me too... all my life, I've gravitated to fantasy stories, stories I felt I could be a part of. Books took me on journeys of exciting adventures in faraway lands I otherwise never would have gotten to experience, and I’m here to create those experiences for children around the world.

I'm Jacquitta A. McManus, an accomplished children's book author specializing in fantasy adventures. Ever since I was a child, I've been drawn to imaginative stories that transport me to far-off lands and exciting adventures. As an adult, I've made it my mission to create those experiences for young readers around the world.


My own writing journey began when I realized there was a lack of representation of children of color in the fantasy genre. I wanted to change that, so I started crafting my stories featuring dynamic characters and vivid worlds. I also founded Worlds To Discover, a publishing company dedicated to promoting my voice in children's literature.


I'm thrilled to have published eight books so far, including my first book Anyia, Dream of a Warrior, which received five stars from Reader's Favorite. My other works, like Baby Princess and the Lost Doll and Anyia, Warriors Challenge, have also been well-received by readers and critics alike. I've even written early reader chapter books, like the Talee Adventures series, for children as young as six.


But I don't just write books - I also want to inspire young writers. That's why I've created journal books for girls who love pink and girls who love adventure, so they can explore their creativity and express themselves through writing.


Whether you're a young reader or a parent looking for engaging and empowering stories for your children, I invite you to explore Where a community of readers and writers who share a passion for diverse and imaginative children's literature comes, so join us on a journey of discovery, where fantasy adventures reign, and new friends are waiting to be made.

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