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Jacquitta A. McManus - Children's Book Author

Do you love getting lost in a story, meeting new friends, and traveling to new worlds through the pages of a book?

Me too... all my life, I've gravitated to fantasy stories, stories I felt I could be a part of. Books took me on journeys of exciting adventures in faraway lands I otherwise never would have gotten to experience, and I’m here to create those experiences for children around the world.

My name is Jacquitta A. McManus, and I'm the CEO of Worlds to Discover and an author of children's fantasy adventure stories and soon-to-be science fiction stories. I'm dedicated to writing and publishing adventure stories featuring black characters. My writing journey began when I looked for books to read to her young daughter and noticed the under-representation of children of color in the genre. This led me to begin my journey of writing my own stories. Creating new worlds ... Worlds To Discover.


My first book Anyia, Dream of a Warrior, was given five stars by reader's favorite, along with my first picture book, Baby Princess and the Lost Doll, and my first comic story Anyia, Warriors's Challenge. (Below is a link if you would like to read the reviews.) I also write books for ages 6-8, early reader chapter books. The first series for this age group is my Talee Adventures. Talee is a fun 8-year-old girl who lives on a planet with floating landmasses and two moons. She loves puffy muffins, her friends, and adventures. She's a great friend for any young reader.


Also, if you have a reader who loves to write, please check out my journal books. I have one for the girl who loves pink and one for the adventure girl. 


Stay tuned and discover new friends, adventures, and worlds through my books here at A place where fantasy adventures for kids reign. 

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My first magazine writeup.

Growing Strong Magazine Write up - Children Book Author

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Wacom Illustration Repost - Children Book Author
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