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Rylee is a sixteen-year-old girl who feels uncertain about her place in the world. She was abandoned as an infant and was raised by Ms. Gili, the headmistress of a homeless shelter. Her only dream is to find where she belongs.


Yibbee is an Ether protector that has protected the Ether through dozens of Ether hosts. After traveling through the lands for years, he has finally found the new host ... Rile. 


Tay, is the seventeen-year-old twin to Zay. Unlike her sister Zay, Tay likes peace and only goes along with Zay because of their twin bond. 


Lomi, like Yibbee is an Ether protector. But unlike Yibbee she was deemed unfit for the job. But that won't stop her.


Zay, the twin to Tay, grew up wanting to be an Ether host. But she was judged unfit. Determined to be one anyway, she began stealing it from other Ether hosts.


black comic book character | Worlds To Discover

Join Rile on a thrilling quest to unlock the secrets of her newfound powers, the Ether. With Yibbee by her side, she'll safeguard this extraordinary force from those who would harness it for salvation or destruction. A tale of courage and destiny unfolds in Ether Awoken.

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